SINCE 1981


Circé offers you winding products and systems for a wide variety of applications:

  • Isolation / Power supply of all types of equipment: machine-tools, radars, motors, pumps, charging stations for electrical vehicles, control machines, robot cells, special machines, computer and electronic equipment, windmills, ships, planes, trains, tramways, tractors, etc.
  • Adaptation of voltages for foreign machines
  • Power supply of low-voltage equipment: PLCs, relay units, switches, etc. in electrical cabinets
  • Creation of a Neutral
  • Change of neutral operating mode
  • Winding on its own or from customer parts
  • Balancing a company’s network using a zigzag transformer
  • Filtering of network harmonics
  • Regulation of current using an inductor
  • Etc.

Within our Engineering department, we carry out specific designs to offer you complete solutions adapted to your most complex constraints (temperature, humidity, environment, operation, etc.)

Thanks to a solid experience acquired with key customer accounts, Circé is able to work in various sectors, complying with the specific standards of each field of activity:

  • Aircraft industy
  • Renewable energies
  • General industry
  • Navy
  • Medical / Hospitals
  • Military
  • Nuclear
  • Petrochemical


Circé is Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore certified.
Our products comply with the UL-CSA standard.


You have a new application? A technical question? Contact our team of experts.

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