SINCE 1981


Circé designs standard single-phase transformers from 40 VA to 25 kVA.

Control and signalling transformers, safety transformers, circuit isolation transformers, isolating transformers, medical transformers… Find the product that fits your needs.


Our single-phase transformers

Control and signalling

Single-phase control and signalling transformers provide one or several voltages at the input, depending on the number of intermediate taps. These versatile multi-tap...


Safety transformers are designed for use in hazardous conditions. With an electrostatic shield and reinforced isolation, these transformers ensure complete isolation between...

Circuit isolation

Circuit isolation transformers are designed to be installed in specific conditions where an electrically-conductive environment exists. With a low voltage supply and separate...


Isolating transformers are aimed at isolating, adapting the voltage, as well as modifying the grounding scheme and dealing with electrical disturbances. These transformers...

Medical application

A medical environment requires the design of specific transformers. Medical transformers are low-voltage isolating transformers that provide separation between the general...

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