SINCE 1981

PRIMARY VOLTAGE : 230 or 400 V + N | SECONDARY : 230 or 400 V + N

Options :
REACH_Compliance RoHS2_Compliant
Montage Rail Din
Power (kVA)
Primary terminals (mm2)
Secondary terminals (mm2)
Dimensions (mm) (W / H / D)
90 / 95 / 105
Mounting (mm) (w / d / hole diameter)
90 / 105 / 105
Core losses (W)
Copper losses (W)
Short-circuit voltage (%)
Weight (Kg)
Inrush current (In)

An autotransformer is a transformer consisting of a single winding per phase, the secondary winding being part of the primary winding.

In the case of a step-down autotransformer, the current to the windings entirely flows through the primary winding and a branch at a given point defines the secondary output. These products are used to precisely adapt the value of the rated voltage. Thanks to the reversibility option, autotransformers can be used both to raise or to lower voltage. They do not allow to isolate, modify the grounding scheme nor protect against electrical disturbances. One of the characteristics of this range is a significant increase in efficiency but also in short-circuit current. Each product of the range is available with or without housing, with or without options depending on your request. Optimising the weight and size of the autotransformer enables to reduce costs and provide you with a compact and competitive product. As with all our products, each transformer is individually tested and each batch is delivered with its control report.


Our three-phase autotransformers comply with the norm IEC 61558-2-13 until 10 kVA and IEC 60076-11 from 12 kVA / EC marking / EMC compatible/ REACH / ROHS 2.


Three types of connection exist depending on the power rating of the product :

- screws,

- spring terminals,

- screw terminals.

Standard technical features

- Power rating: from 0.63 to 250 kVA

- Frequency: 50/60 Hz

- Dry-type with natural air cooling

- Neutral point

- YY connection

- Lifting rings from 15 kg

- Temperature class H (45° environment)

- Available without housing, with IP23 housing or other on request

- Altitude: up to 1,000m

- Isolation voltage between primary winding and earth: 3,000V

Mounting drawing

IP23 housing
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