SINCE 1981

PRIMARY VOLTAGE : 230 V - 400 V +/-15 V | SECONDARY : 115 V - 230 V

Options :
REACH_Compliance RoHS2_Compliant
Montage Rail Din
Power (kVA)
Primary terminals (mm2)
Secondary terminals (mm2)
Dimensions (mm) (W / H / D)
90 / 95 / 105
Mounting (mm) (w / d / hole diameter)
90 / 105 / 105
Core losses (W)
Copper losses (W)
Short-circuit voltage (%)
Weight (Kg)
Inrush current (In)

Single-phase control and signalling transformers provide one or several voltages at the input, depending on the number of intermediate taps.

These versatile multi-tap transformers allow the control voltage to be stepped down from a variety of voltage sources to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Contactor and PLC power supplies are common examples of applications for this product.

Circé designs and manufactures these single-phase control and signalling transformers with a reinforced isolation level between the input and output windings. They are made of components guaranteeing performance and reliability whatever the quantity manufactured, unitary or in series. As with all our products, each transformer is individually tested and each batch is delivered with its control report.


Our single-phase control and signalling transformers comply with the norms EN 61558-2-2 / EC marking / EMC compatible / REACH / ROHS 2.


Three types of connection exist depending on the power rating of the product :
- screws,
- spring terminals,
- screw terminals.

Standard technical features

- Power rating: from 0.04 to 2.5 kVA

- Frequency: 50/60 Hz

- Dry-type with natural air cooling

- Lifting rings from 15 kg

- Isolation voltage between windings > 4,510 V

- Electrostatic shield on request

- Reinforced isolation

- Temperature class B (40°C environment) < 1 kVA or H (45° environment) > 1 kVA

- Available in DIN rail mounting, without housing, with IP23 housing or other on request

Mounting drawing

DIN rail enclosure
Without housing (up to 5kVa)
IP23 housing
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